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Launching the world’s first contract data management solution designed specifically for complex SaaS contracts

Zylo, the enterprise leader in SaaS Management, announced the launch of Zylo Contract Center, a powerful new contract data management experience both at the application and portfolio level. With Zylo Contract Center, customers can manage their SaaS contracts more effectively and handle critical but rote tasks to take control of renewals and ultimately drive cost savings.

According to Zylo’s 2023 SaaS Management Index report, the average organization has nearly 300 SaaS applications, making it difficult to properly and efficiently manage contracts. Contracts hold valuable SaaS data related to pricing, license and renewal terms that is critical for maintaining accuracy and helping organizations effectively manage renewals and overall SaaS spend.

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“Contract data management is a critical component of effective SaaS management, yet it can be a real pain point for organizations,” said Zylo VP Product, Ian Runyon. “With the launch of Zylo Contract Center, we are providing our customers a streamlined and effective way to manage complex SaaS contracts, including renewals, to achieve accurate, data driven cost savings and license optimization for their organizations. We believe this new feature, along with our industry-leading SaaS discovery capabilities, sets us apart in the market and further solidifies Zylo’s position as the go-to platform for managing SaaS spend.”

Zylo’s Contract Center provides customers with a more streamlined and effective way to manage their SaaS contract data, ultimately leading to cost savings and better overall SaaS management. Contract Center features an all new seamless integration with Coupa Contract Management.

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Approved contracts are updated nightly, allowing customers to discover suppliers and apps before a payment is even made and contract data is automatically kept current in Zylo Additional benefits include:

  • Improved contract experience: The Contract Center is designed to improve the contract experience for customers by better organizing contracts and aligning them with contract lifecycle management (CLM) providers.
  • Proactive discovery: Zylo is the only SaaS management vendor proactively sourcing contract information. Customers can discover 100% of their SaaS applications and spend, including new SaaS entering their estate when contracts are created before any payment has been made.
  • Cost savings: Centralized contract information enables customers to save time hunting down contracts and empowers them with more confidence in their renewal calendar/view of upcoming renewals. This enables them to spend time preparing for renewals, optimizing licenses or evaluating other vendors.

The average renewal takes eight hours of preparation and it is recommended professionals start the process 60-90 days in advance to gather all information necessary for negotiations. By centralizing contract information, businesses can save time hunting down contracts and have more confidence in their renewal portfolio.

“Every SaaS contract is unique and getting an understanding of your SaaS contract portfolio can be overwhelming,” said Chris Smith, Purchasing Manager at Entrata. “Zylo’s Contract Center empowers our team with the visibility into the key contract terms without the need of complicated BI work or manual data manipulation to quickly understand all contracts, take control of renewals and deliver consolidation and cost savings to the company.”

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