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seed to exit. accelerate growth.


When it’s important to get the right person for a business or project critical role, not just the first person in a CV race – our RetainedGrowth solution truly is best in-class.

Our modern and constantly revised version of a classic search comes with up to favourable rebates, cash-back options and a suite of value-add features to guarantee efficiency, success and customer satisfaction.

Our methods, technology and reach means we never fail to get an offer within six-weeks from initiation of the campaign. When you want the best, engage with the best!


Full project planning and back-2-back SLA’s mapped out, in advance.

Tech first “deep-searching”, to create unparalleled long-lists for our team of dedicated senior delivery people to drill down from (unique to us!)

Employer brand review and creation of bespoke

landing pages (to direct candidates into the process)

Any rejected candidates will be ‘worked’ by us, (we will share 10-15% of any subsequent fees achieved)

Time-saving process from video pre-screening to forensic target market mapping.

Six-month free replacement on any placement.


Broader reach anywhere globally

Efficiencies across all aspects of the process

Exceptional candidate journey and experience

Innovative and a creative ‘edge’ in the search for exceptional talent

Back-2-back SLAS, so zero ambiguity


  • Results
  • Time commitments
  • Cash back on rejected candidates
  • Money back guarantee on the retained element

your investment

Fees as a % of the total candidate package 30% – 6 month free replacement

Agreed part payment retainer – 6 / 12 month free replacement guarantee

The remainder of the fee upon success

Money back for:

  • No offer within 12 weeks
  • Rejected candidates we place