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We dream of building a business, we sell to cater to the needs of our target audience, and we have been doing it for centuries…

However, selling is an art and this art has rigorously evolved over the years. From the point where buyers blindly believed in the offerings of sellers to today, where every buyer researches the market thoroughly and checks the products of your competitors before engaging with your business.

This is where Predictive Sales & Marketing come to the rescue.

A report published by Allied Marketing Research shared that the predictive analytics market will hit $35.5 billion by the end of 2027. The industry is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 21.9%.

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What is Predictive Sales & Marketing, and how does it help?

Technically, predictive sales and marketing work by taking all the data available with the organization – account level and lead-level information – using machine learning and data science to suggest the following:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are the promising propositions to offer?
  • When to target them?

Predictive Sales & Marketing is a natural evolution for modern marketers.

That said, here are the top predictive sales & marketing tools that you can use for your organization:

1. Leadspace

Leadspace has been reviewed as an impressive data source in terms of accuracy and flexibility. The predictive analytics software finds leads in contact databases, social media, and customer relationship management systems by comparing people’s online presence. The software helps marketers to use intent data to find their ideal buyer profile. For high-volume and high-speed businesses, Leadspace’s lead-to-account matching becomes crucial to success.

 2. Clari

Master your sales pipeline with Clari and keep your sales team up-to-date with every moment information. Clari is a leading predictive sales and forecasting tool for companies of all sizes and it makes business inspecting effortless. Clari is an AI-based tool and marketers can use AI to unlock predictive insights and gain more visibility into the productivity, the health of your accounts, the sales pipeline, and forecast.

3. Sisense

Sisense is a business intelligence software company that will infuse analytics into your workstream effortlessly. With the help of Sisense, you can embed analytics in any element of your marketing ecosystem to make critical decisions. It is a modern cloud solution and is recognized as a leading cloud analytics platform.

4. Improvado

For modern marketers who want to integrate their data from multiple sources to generate real-time reports, Improvado is the best tool for it.

Improvado has the potential to extract data from more than 300 data sources, transform it into fathomable formats, and load the data into the preferred data warehouse. The tool consolidates all the data in one place and offers a holistic view of the entire marketing campaign performance.

5. Domo

Next on our list is Domo, which offers more than 1,000 data connectors. The tool is designed for c-level executives who want to create executive-level dashboards that can be used across the organization.

Domo can be used for general business data analytics and it is not specifically meant for marketing analytics. Thus, the concept and scope of the tool are wider than any other predictive analytics tools available.

6. Vainu

Marketers looking for real-time B2B data, Vainu is the perfect tool for them. The platform will effortlessly collect all B2B company data and integrate the data within your sales process hassle-free. With Vainu, you will always have data and information at your fingertips. The data helps you predict user behavior based on which you can initiate your marketing and sales activities.

7. Tableau

Tableau is a business intelligence and predictive analytics platform that suits businesses looking forward to exploring and analyzing data for better forecasts, decisions, and strategies.

With Tableau, marketers can connect with any database, create advanced visualizations with drag-and-drop tools, and collaborate with teams across your organization.

Tableau fits every modern marketer and fits every business’s needs. It is intuitive and user-friendly.

8. Looker

Looker is another great predictive analytics and business intelligence software for teams of any size and department. Looker is designed primarily for businesses that require an easy-to-use tool but still offers a way to visualize insightful information.

Looker offers great personalization, and it has an exceptional after-support team. It can integrate itself with big databases and platforms effortlessly.

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Wrapping Up

For modern marketing executives, predictive sales and marketing analytics can be a game changer. Intelligent and modern technology aids them to devise marketing activities that bring the most value to the organization. In addition, predictive analytics help in curtailing wasted budgets and supercharging productivity.