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Improve email responses by 42% using Cirrus Insight’s new Email Blast Feature

Cirrus Insight announced a new offering, geared toward helping sales professionals and customer-facing teams send personalized communication at scale: Email Blast will allow customers to better personalize their emails and help them prospect faster with list-building capability, easy-to-use custom templates, and an even easier personalized calendar linking feature. And those features are in addition to the Buyer Signals under the hood that are used to provide sales professionals with automatic email activity capture and actionable insights on what to do next.

“Email Blast is a long-awaited new feature that was built with the feedback from sales leaders in mind,” says Phil Dixon, CEO at Cirrus Insight. “Email Blast is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of tools that will help customer-facing teams communicate faster and more efficiently that will be coming from Cirrus Insight. Data-driven teams more than ever need tools to increase their velocity and time to revenue while collecting key activity data for leaders to identify opportunity blindspots and trend data.”

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Features and benefits of Email Blast include:

-Email Blast with the power of the most trusted Sync for email and calendars for Salesforce.

-Features actionable insights provided to sales professionals to act on to help them close deals faster and more efficiently.

-Creates repeat customer nurture programs that keep customers informed without re-creating the wheel.

-Cirrus Insight’s powerful calendar schedule tools, coupled with Email Blast, provides the utmost efficiency to communicate and book more meetings- so that teams can spend time on what matters most.

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