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(PRNewsfoto/Helios Artificial Intelligence, Inc.)

Helios Artificial Intelligence, Inc., a cutting-edge supply chain platform provider, proudly unveils its breakthrough update that revolutionizes global catastrophe tracking. With the ability to monitor catastrophes worldwide in real-time, Helios is poised to transform the supply chain industry with unparalleled insights and proactive mitigation strategies.  Users can test out the software at

Francisco Martin-Rayo, co-founder and CEO, stated, “No other company in the world today can identify, in real time, which of your suppliers are being impacted by catastrophes – and how.  Most competitors in the space, including PredictHQ, have huge gaps in global coverage and are often weeks behind in alerting their customers.  We’ve fixed all of that.  Our platform tracks catastrophes anywhere in the world so the moment one occurs that impacts your suppliers you’ll be the first to know.”

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Helios AI’s existing customers already see the transformative results of being the first to know when disruptions impact their suppliers. Michele Conners, Head of Global Sourcing and Strategy at Just Quality International, said, “Before Helios, we were attempting to track catastrophes in our supplier regions using generic news alerts and waiting for someone to let us know the extent of the situation. Now, we receive real-time alerts and are able to mitigate disruption proactively to ensure our products ship and deliver as scheduled.”

The United Nations estimates that climate disasters have increased four-fold over the last few decades, and this alarming trend is expected to accelerate. In the face of these challenges, global supply chain leaders must leverage artificial intelligence to track catastrophes in real-time and mitigate their impacts ahead of their competitors.

As the supply chain industry faces mounting pressures from climate-related disruptions, Helios AI stands at the forefront, enabling companies to strengthen their resilience, protect their bottom line, and gain a competitive edge. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and real-time insights, Helios AI is shaping the future of supply chain management.

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