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Front’s cap table reads like an honor role of investors. CEO and co-founder Mathilde Collin raised funds from numerous Silicon Valley firms and individual investors. On April 27 she’s speaking on TechCrunch Live to share her strategy that allowed her company to raise funds from less traditional VCs.

One of those VCs is also speaking on the episode. Frederic Kerrest led Front’s $59 million Series C. He’s also the co-founder and COO of Okta, and a senior advisor to Blackstone’s growth fund. Check out Kerrest’s podcast and upcoming book with the same titles: “Zero to IPO.” I just finished reading the book, and it’s a fantastic resource that I highly recommend. The book is structured to walk founders through the various stages of building a startup, starting with forming an idea to raising early funds to preparing for a public offering.

This event opens on April 27 at 11:30 am PT / 2:30 pm ET with networking and pitch practice submissions. The interview begins at 12 pm PT followed by the TCL Pitch Practice at 12:30 pm PT. Register here for free.

TechCrunch Live records weekly on Wednesday at 11:30 am PT/2:30 pm ET. Join us! Click here to register for free and gain access to Front’s pitch deck, enter the pitch feedback session and access the livestream where you can ask the speakers questions.