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CollX acquires Card Dealer Pro to help card stores and professional sellers turbo-charge their online sales

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Visual search and listing software for stores rapidly inventories cards, annotates, prices, and sells across channels like eBay and Shopify

CollX, a fast-growing app for collectors to scan, value and sell sports cards, is expanding its offerings to dealers and stores through the acquisition of Card Dealer Pro. Just as the CollX app grew quickly to 150,000 users in a few months, Card Dealer Pro has seen quick adoption from professional sellers. The software offers a way to rapidly inventory cards, annotate and price cards, and list them for sale across multiple channels like eBay and Shopify. More than 100 high-volume dealers and stores utilize Card Dealer Pro to manage their online sales, and CollX will also give these users an option to sell directly through the CollX marketplace at a deeply discounted fee.

Both CollX and Card Dealer Pro use breakthrough visual-search technology to instantly identify sports cards from a photo. The combined database built by the companies includes more than 17 million unique cards, across baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and wrestling.

Card Dealer Pro is a game changer for any store or dealer … The software can help double their revenue, and dramatically cut down the time and expense it takes to inventory and sell cards.”

— Ted Mann, CEO, CollX

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Card Dealer Pro was founded by Fred Barnes, a Denver-based sports card dealer and software entrepreneur, in late 2021. Barnes set out to solve many of the challenges he’d personally encountered when selling cards — being able to scan and digitize a collection, tracking prices, bulk listing on sites like eBay, and being able to keep inventory in sync. The software, available as a Mac, Windows, and web app, also integrates with high-speed scanners from Fujitsu and Epson to make it possible for dealers to digitize thousands of cards in minutes. Card Dealer Pro customers report 95% match accuracy from the visual search when using such a scanner.

“The sports card hobby is booming, but many card stores aren’t able to realize their full potential because they simply don’t have technology to help them,” said Fred Barnes. “At best, a store may track their cards with a spreadsheet or ledger, but you’re so limited in how many cards you can manage and sell that way. With our software, dealers are scanning tens of thousands at a time, and listing over 100,000 cards on average.” Barnes added that clients are seeing online sales of $3,000 or more per day.

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“Card Dealer Pro is a game changer for any store or dealer,” said Ted Mann, Co-Founder and CEO of CollX. “This software can help double their revenue, and dramatically cut down the time and expense it takes to inventory and sell cards. And we aim to make the experience of selling through the CollX app the best and most lucrative option of all.”

Barnes also launched a mobile app called Sports Card Scanner. “When I saw the CollX app, I realized how much better an experience it was for collectors,” said Barnes. “I could also immediately see how a marketplace tied to user-collections makes the experience of buying and selling cards so much better, since you know what the other person owns.” The Sports Card Scanner app will combine with CollX, and users will be able to migrate their collections to CollX.

CollX and Card Dealer Pro will be showcasing their offerings at The National Sports Collectors Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the end of July. “This is going to be the best National ever,” said Mann. “We can’t wait to show everyone in the Hobby how we’re using technology to help collectors and dealers do what they love better.”

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