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Bidscale and ContractPodAi are announcing their partnership in creating a Digital Contracting Office (DCO) to support Federal contracting teams by providing a unified pre-award and post-award contracting experience. With this partnership, Bidscale will accelerate the pre-award contracting experience and ContractPodAi will provide the post-award management platform. Bidscale develops software that fast-tracks the contracting process to accelerate government innovation. ContractPodAi is the leader in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) services, improving the contract process from start to finish with AI-powered technology. 

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Digital Contracting Office (DCO)
Digital Contracting Office (DCO)

Federal contracting is an essential but complex process. It can take years for a contract to be planned, solicited, and awarded, ultimately delaying innovation. Much of the slow-down can be attributed to a lack of standardization and automation. With limited tools at their disposal, Government Contracting Officers are often forced to complete their work with pen and paper while working from documents not centralized in a single location.

It is a well-known but unaddressed concern that affects every American.  

A DCO reduces the burden of complicated Federal contracting processes through automation and standardization, speeding up innovation and allowing the Government to provide cutting-edge solutions while using fewer resources and taxpayer dollars. 

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In the 2018 National Defense Strategy, former U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis wrote, “The current bureaucratic approach…is proving to be increasingly unresponsive,” adding, to remain successful the American Government must, “deliver performance at the speed of relevance.” 

This is the basis on which Bidscale was built. Founder, Tony Kwag, believes that with the right tools, the Government can surpass the speed of relevance and better keep up with the speed of innovation. 

Kwag spent years working within this space before identifying the issue: “We did not set out to create a company to solve this challenge; we stumbled into this challenge and built Bidscale around it. We believe it is our duty to create intelligent technology that unblocks the Federal Government and enables our customers to better serve the American people.” 

While creating their solution, Bidscale worked directly alongside partners within the Federal Government contracting space to address their greatest blockers. 

“We are pleased to partner with Bidscale,” said Sarvarth Misra, co-founder and CEO, ContractPodAi. “We look forward to combining our award-winning contract management solution with their pre-award management solution to help government contracting officers in their bidding processes, specifically, and their digital transformation, more broadly.”

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