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Integration improves lead response time; maximizes sales engagement efforts

Autoklose, a VanillaSoft brand, announced an integration with Salesforce, enabling two-way communication between the two platforms in order to sync contacts and leads, and allowing sales reps to respond to prospects more quickly and efficiently.

This integration allows users to connect Autoklose and Salesforce accounts and sync Contact and Lead data bidirectionally between platforms. In addition, each time a lead takes action in a campaign, tasks and events can be created in Salesforce, notifying the sales rep so they can respond immediately – allowing for more efficient and effective communication with sales-ready prospects.

Integrating with Salesforce allows for new actions in Autoklose, including converting, closing, creating, or updating leads in Salesforce.

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This integration with Salesforce gives Autoklose users:

  • a 360-degree view of prospects and leads in both Salesforce and Autoklose from a single dashboard;
  • a way to streamline the sales process and break down information silos;
  • the ability to take faster action on hot leads; and
  • access to the most accurate and up-to-date information from both platforms.

“It happens all the time – even to the best sales reps – you end up losing a potential customer because of a long lead response time. With the sales process being split up between different tools, it’s sometimes hard to keep up to date and act quickly,” said Shawn Finder, Sales GM with Autoklose. “We know that the sooner we get in touch with prospects, the higher the chances are of success. With this integration between Autoklose and Salesforce, sales reps will now have the ability to view prospects and their actions through both platforms, and will be able to respond more quickly to close more deals.”

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