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40.5% of surveyees feel shipment companies are not very responsive to customer complaints

GoodFirms, a globally renowned research, ratings, and reviews platform, recently released its new research report-“The Global Shipping Industry – Demands, Challenges, and the Future Outlook.” This survey from GoodFirms attempts to gauge the current state of the global shipping industry, including the key trends impacting consumers and shipping providers, challenges faced by customers and shipment companies, and efforts toward sustainability and zero-emission goals

The study highlights how the shipping industry has evolved immensely to cater to the demand from new-age sectors in collaboration with a spectrum of rising new technologies, such as GPS, blockchain, AI, etc.,

The survey report points out the current state of the global shipping industry and highlights the rise of  shipping costs amidst regained manufacturing activities in the post-pandemic period, port congestion, and increase in fuel prices.

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61.5% of the surveyed shipment companies are finding alternative routes (zero carbon routes) to reduce emissions.

Ecommerce deliveries, courier services and logistics are noted to be the most used shipment services. 97.8% surveyees reported using e-commerce deliveries, 90.9% courier services, 77.5% logistics providers, 51.2% freight forwarding services, 49.5% shipping companies, 21.5% container cargo services, 10.2% ship operators, and 3.5% use other shipment services.

The research also hints on the top factors that prompted customers to prefer a shipping firm over others. 70.8% respondents chose speed of delivery, 50.5% selected cost of delivery, 40.6% considered the reputation of the shipment firms, 37.6% chose package tracking system, and 33.4% selected customer service.

About the top challenges faced by shipment customers in the delivery process, the survey found that 70.9% reported annoying customer service, 61.8% mentioned late delivery, and 50.5% suffered due to damaged items during shipment. Other issues faced by shipment customers include refund for damaged items, poor package tracking, etc.

Rising operational costs, disruptions due to wars, re-routing expenditures, and regulatory issues are top challenges faced by shipping organizations.

Furthermore, the survey reveals the sustainability and green shipment measures undertaken by the global shipping industry, such as 61.5% of shipment companies are finding zero carbon routes to reduce emissions. 57.9% have deployed technology to reduce carbon footprints, 29.5% seek cross-industry collaborations to lower carbon emissions, etc.

GoodFirms concludes that shipping providers will likely put more money into technological systems to enhance their productivity, environmental friendliness, and competitiveness in the market.

“Technologies like automation, blockchain, data analytics, will increase personalization, reduce latencies in deliveries and expedite shipping processes,”says GoodFirms.

Key Findings:

  • 65.7% of shipping customers are satisfied with the punctuality of their shipping providers.
  • 95.8% of surveyees would reconsider a shipment company if their previous shipment came with damaged goods
  • 55.2% of surveyees worry about their shipment until it arrives
  • 68.9% are willing to pay more for green deliveries with lesser emissions.

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